Property Owner Benefits

Why Join?

The Lubbock Apartment Association is the only Apartment Association across the nation to offer its members a complete package that includes our award-winning listing magazine and website. (the Magazine)

The premier source for the prospective resident to find a place to call home. It contains over 150 apartment communities and residential listings. Over 5,000 magazines are distributed monthly via email, most convenience stores, restaurants, grocery stores, hospitals, hotels, books stores, also including the Chamber of Commerce, Texas Tech University, South Plains College, and most apartment leasing offices—over 300 locations across Lubbock and surrounding areas! (the listing Website)

The leading resource for listing and showcasing properties online. The newly redesigned site provides everything a potential resident needs to view: pricing, 3D tours, online personal tour scheduling, professional property photos, listing descriptions, location, online applications, and automated leasing. Best of all, by completely redesigning the website in 2019, LAA is dedicated to keeping this member tool at the forefront of online technology and usability, thus creating a valuable resource for our members. (Member Website)

LAA's member website is a great way to gain information about fellow members, upcoming events, and changes that are occurring in our industry.  The member website also provides a job board that hosts jobs posted by owner-members as well as resumes from interested job applicants. It’s an excellent way to find that next staff member.

Affiliation with the State and National Apartment Associations

As a member of the LAA, you are automatically a member of the Texas Apartment Association and National Apartment Association (TAA and NAA). Your membership offers you the opportunity to participate in the state and national meetings, educational conferences and conventions, as well as receive industry publications. TAA and NAA work closely with lawmakers to help ensure the rental housing industry is represented when decisions are made.

Lease Forms and Addenda

As a member of LAA, you can purchase the Texas Apartment Association lease contracts and forms, which are designed to help you operate your business in a more efficient, cost-effective, and most importantly, in compliance with all applicable laws and ordinances. These forms are the most recognized and comprehensive lease contracts and property management forms in the state and now across the nation. They are specifically created to protect both the owner/manager and resident and are copyrighted.

You can buy paper forms through the LAA office or electronic forms through TAA Click n' Lease by purchasing a site license to give yourself online access to over 30 standardized forms including Lease Contracts, Rental Application, Inventory and Condition Form, Pet Agreement, Contract Guaranty Form, and many more. You will not find any other form to be as complete and updated every 2 years as the legislation changes.


Your questions regarding landlord/tenant laws are answered in the copyrighted REDBOOK. The REDBOOK is a comprehensive legal reference guide containing civil and criminal statutes relating to the rental housing industry. It contains samples of all the TAA lease forms, management forms, and legal articles. The REDBOOK is available to all members for purchase. The REDBOOK is revised every 2 years. TAA's REDBOOK Online and mobile app are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, wherever you are. This resource gives you immediate access to the legal information you need from your trusted source. If your property uses TAA's Click N Lease program, you have direct access to the REDBOOK Online.

Membership Directory

Available in print and online. Annually you will receive an updated print directory as well as 24/7 access to an online version that is updated on the fly. The directory includes a detailed list of all LAA members, FAQ's, relevant information as well as a buyer's guide. Your directory is the go-to resource for all things related to membership information.

Business Networking Sponsor Opportunities

As members of the apartment association, your company has exclusive opportunities to sponsor and advertise in our monthly membership events. Also, our members have exclusive advertising rights to market their company on our business directory as well as our website. Each website reaches thousands of members and non-members alike giving vast possibilities to grow your business.

Business Exchange

The Business Exchange is a unique event that allows businesses to have one-on-one interaction with apartment industry leaders. It has been described as a “reverse trade show” or “speed dating”. During the exchange, each participating product service member is given approximately 10 minutes with each decision-maker to discuss his or her product and service.

Educational Opportunities

Throughout the year, the Lubbock Apartment Association provides classes and seminars to educate apartment industry personnel and help them obtain National Apartment Association Education Institute credentials. We are proud to provide nationally recognized speakers and educators from our industry to teach about new laws and ways to improve your business. Class topics and teachers vary but the goal remains the same, educate our members.

General Membership Meetings and Special Events

Every month and sometimes more than once in a month, LAA hosts meetings and special events, like luncheons, committee meetings, golf tournaments, chili cook-offs, and community service opportunities.  These events allow members to network and exchange information with their peers and business associates, as well as make an impact on the community.


LAA is a non-profit trade association and many of these events listed are organized by committees made up of our members. Committees are another way to be involved and have your business noticed by other members. Open committees are the Product Service committee, Community Service committee, Education committee, Special Events committee, and Independent Rental Owner committee.

Notary Service

LAA offers free Notary service to all of our members.

Installation of Officers Banquet

Early in the year, LAA holds an Installation of Officers Banquet. This is an elegant evening that highlights the past year’s activities and leadership. The National Apartment Association Chairman and Texas Apartment Association President typically install the new Board of Directors and Officers. Product Service members are encouraged to sponsor this event and attend. Each sponsor receives individualized marketing at the event and opportunities to stand out in front of the membership.

Maintenance Mania Competition

Maintenance Mania is a national competition where maintenance technicians compete against each other and the time clock in various skill-based games. They also compete in a race car building competition, similar to a soapbox derby. Competitors can participate in events at the local level which will qualify them for National Competition that is held at the annual NAA Education Conference & Exposition. Product Service members are encouraged to sponsor games, participate in the timing of the games, and be involved with the other members during the competition.

Golf Tournaments

Every spring and most every fall a Golf Tournament is held at a local country club. This is a fun day for golfers and non-golfers alike to network and enjoy some friendly competition and prizes. The day is packed with different activities and there are many opportunities to sponsor the event and market your company.

Independent Rental Owner (IRO/Small Owner)

Our IRO group is made up of owners that have anywhere from 1 home to 50 units. We have a designated education tract with meetings each month to address issues that are particular to the smaller owner.  These group meetings allow small owners to bring questions and concerns to industry professionals and get the answers they need straight from reliable sources.


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