Best Practices Guide for your Advertising Listing Page

Posted By: Jamie Hinojosa

Regularly updating your apartment listing on is the easiest and most efficient way to bring more traffic to your listings, and more leads to your company. Below you can find our best practices guide to help your listing convert more visitors to leads, and also be found on Google through organic search to attract potential leads who are searching for specific terms. 

Writing Apartment Descriptions

  • When writing the main description of your listing, it is important to use short paragraphs of only 2-3 sentences, visitors are much less likely to read a large paragraph of text. 
  • This is one of the first things visitors will see when visiting your listing, so make sure to include important details immediately. Talk about what sets your property apart from others. 
  • When writing descriptions, use headers to break up the text as this guide does. “Writing Apartment Descriptions” would be the header for this section. 
  • Include words and phrases in your description and headers that you think people would type into Google to search for apartments. Phrases like “apartments in Lubbock”, or more specified ones like “Apartment in Lubbock with Utilities Included” or “Apartments in Lubbock with Pools” or “Pet-Friendly Apartments in Lubbock”. Working these naturally into your descriptions can be a bit tricky to make them sound natural, but you can refer to the link below for more best practices regarding copywriting. 

Keeping Your Listing Up to Date

  • It is crucial to edit your listing at least once per week. The more often you update your listing, the higher it will appear in the search results within your advertising level. 
  • Ways you can update your listing:
    • Update descriptions to include keywords or phrases that visitors would Google to find your property. 
    • Update Floorplans and their availabilities as regularly as possible. It can deter leads from scheduling tours if a floorplan they want is listed as available when they are all occupied. 
    • Update current promotions and specials. Visitors are deterred when they see a promotion that is outdated or only for a specified month when it has already passed.  
    • Update your photo gallery to reflect new improvements or property features. 

Filling Out All Apartment Fields

  • Our listings allow the showcase of amenities, community features, and special features. Make sure to regularly review these fields and make sure they are accurate and up to date. This section is a great tool to turn visitors into leads as it allows for easy and digestible information about your property. 
  • Offering 3DX Virtual Tours and Community Tours tend to lead to a higher conversion rate, as it allows visitors to experience your property before committing to a tour. 
    • Contact Jamie to arrange 3DX Virtual Tours

Running Ads 

  • A great way to boost traffic and leads to your property is to run ads throughout We are ad placements on our search pages, blog posts, and rental resource pages. 
  • Properties running at least one ad sees a significant increase in traffic to your property listing. 
    • Contact Debbie to learn more about our ad placement packages.