South Plains Food Bank Volunteering

Posted By: Jamie Hinojosa Community ,

We have 2 workdays coming for the South Plains Food Bank and with things being a bit different there are some steps to follow to be able to volunteer.  

Our dates are November 19th and December 16th from 9:00 - 12:00.  

 The following is from the Volunteer Center at the Foodbank with the steps that need to be followed.  Please don't come the day of without registering. 

1st Step: 
Fill out the questionnaire located at this link to follow.  They need to put either  LAA11/19 or LAA12/16 in the organization slot, depending on which day they are attending to help. 

The link is:

 2nd Step:

Register for a specif date (or more than one date).  

When you click the link below, on the following page click in the box that says "Special Volunteers During COVID-19".  Then "Click here to register".  From there you will use the log in information you have already created to complete the registration. 


Everyone will be required to properly wear a mask while here and their temperatures will be taken upon entering the facility.

3rd Step: 

Let LAA know you have registered, so we know who to expect.  You can reply to this email or send me one at